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You glanced at your watch, frowning slightly. It was 8.00 and Micky should have been in by now, and it was pouring rain outside. You shut your book to go call Davy, where Micky had spent the day, when you heard an exaggerated groan out in the yard. Smiling to yourself, you got up, heading to the door. Micky was standing outside, soaked to the bone and wandering around aimlessly. 
"Micky!" You call, stepping under the awning. "What in the world-" you stopped as he embraced you, shivering slightly and pulling you inside. 
"Mick, you're drenched, c'mon.." You dragged him away from the booze cabinet and onto the couch. He sniffled miserably and looked up. 
"Whad're you doing?" He asked, his voice congested. You wrapped a few blankets round his shoulders and pressed your palm to his forehead. 
"I'm taking care of you, cos you're sick as a dog." You raised your eyebrows at his temperature, but smiled as he shook his head, sneezing into the crook of his arm. 
"Babe, I'm not-AIISHHEEW!" He sneezed hugely mid sentence and met your eye guiltily. 
"I agree," you remarked dryly, wetting a cloth for his fever. "Now get comfy, cos you're not moving." You kissed his pink tinted cheek and sat beside him.
At first, you just watched telly, his sniffles and sneezes interrupting a lot of it, but eventually he shimmied down and wrapped his lanky arms round your waist. You but your lip in a smile as he nuzzled his face into your lap. 
"Sleepy?" You asked, laughing as he shook his head. 
"Nah, nah I'm just hot.. Ho.. Heh'SHIEWW!" He sniffled and wiped his runny nose on his sleeve. You pet his hair back and smiled sympathetically. 
"Poor baby." 
He made a face at this, but leaned into your touch, snuffling. His mouth eventually fell slack as he fell asleep, letting you kiss his pink button nose, which in turn made him sneeze before snuggling tighter into you.
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Meg Gadget
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States
Hiya! the name's Meg, and I love the Monkees! Micky Dolenz is my favorite being on the planet <3 I also love Happy Days, Laverne & Shirley, and Get Smart.
I have a caretaking/sneeze/illness fetish of sorts... I love to read/write sickfics!
I'm a Biromantic Asexual and current have a crush on the sweetestperson Iin the world. you could say he's the.. Key to my heart :P

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